Sustainable development

Social accountability

Poliom LLC considers the support of initiatives aimed at the development of education, science, culture, sports, landscaping and environmental protection as an important priority of its social activities.

The Omsk Polypropylene Plant supports the All-Russian Chemical Tournament for Schoolchildren. This is a team competition for high school students, during which young chemists demonstrate their ability to solve complex research problems, present conclusions and defend them in the discussions. The organizers of the tournament are the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Institute for Development of Education of the Omsk region with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Omsk region.

Since 2016, the company has been providing patronage assistance to the Omsk secondary educational school on a regular basis. The program of cooperation between Poliom LLC and the institution includes assistance in the building renovation and land improvement, implementation of measures aimed at career counselling and environmental protection. The employees conduct open lessons for the students, business games, arrange meetings with the representatives of occupations in demand in the Omsk labor market.

The Poliom employees are the constant participants in the citywide community cleanups and environmental initiatives. Thanks to the conscientious and responsible employees, the company was the first in the Omsk region to implement the practice of waste sorting for recycling. In addition, the employees of the Omsk Polypropylene Plant regularly accumulate waste paper and plant fir-trees according to the "Accumulate waste paper - plant a tree" program.