Sustainable development

Management system

The management of Poliom LLC realizes the importance of preserving a favorable environment, ensuring labor protection, industrial safety, quality of products manufactured, energy efficiency of production, and its inseparability from the main activity. To provide sustainable development of the enterprise, a decision was made to introduce, maintain and constantly develop an integrated management system that meets the requirements of international standards.

  • Since 2016, the company's management system has been certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

  • In 2019, an energy management system was introduced in accordance with the new requirements of the international standard ISO 50001:2018 and integrated with the available management systems. The work on transition of the occupational health and safety management system to the requirements of the new international standard ISO 45001:2018 (that replaced OHSAS 18001:2007) was completed.

At present, Poliom LLC operates an integrated management system based on the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018.

Quality management system


In order to maintain the high quality of the produced polypropylene, the enterprise has implemented the requirements of the international standard for the quality management system ISO 9001. Operation in strict accordance with the standard allows to consistently manufacture the competitive products that meet the requirements of consumers around the world.

Occupational health and safety management system

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Preserving the life and health of employees, establishing the favorable working conditions and ensuring the safe operation of hazardous production facilities are at the forefront of Poliom LLC. In order to improve the safety of employees, reduce the risk of accidents, prevent injuries to the employees, including the contractors and visitors, the requirements of international standard for the occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001 are being implemented.

Environmental management system

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Maintenance of the requirements of the environmental management system international standard ISO 14001 allows to prevent and mitigate the impact of environmental aspects of the company's activities on the environment, and to use natural resources in a sustainable way. The Omsk Polypropylene Plant is consistently reducing the environmental load, introducing advanced environmental technologies and improving the culture of environmental safety.

Energy management system


The energy management system of Poliom LLC is based on the international standard ISO 50001. The enterprise regularly improves the efficiency of industrial processes and minimizes the unsustainable consumption of energy resources. The energy efficiency criterion is considered when purchasing the equipment, materials, services, including design processes.

The company's management assumes responsibility for efficiency of the available management system through the use of up-to-date methods of business process management, including risk-based thinking, ensures allocation of the necessary resources to achieve the goals.

The management system is analyzed annually by the top management to maintain compliance of the management system with the established requirements, to ensure its consistency with the strategic areas of the enterprise's development, efficiency in achieving the goals and actions in relation to the risks and opportunities, as well as to plan the development activities.

On the basis of annual audits, representatives of the certification body confirm the compliance of the management system with the requirements of international standards.

The development and continuous improvement of the management system aimed at achieving the set goals is one of the main areas of the Poliom LLC strategic management.

  • The management policy of Poliom LLC can be found here.

In July 2022, KALITEST international certification body conducted a re-certification audit of the integrated management system of Poliom LLC. As a result, the certification body approved the issue of new certificates of compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO:9001, ISO:14001, ISO:45001 and ISO:50001.

The inspection also noted such accomplishments as the highly advanced management system, authority of the company’s management, involvement of all employees in achieving the company’s goals, focus on energy saving and energy efficiency, as well as effective HSE measures at the enterprise.

Certificates of conformity: