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Omsk Polypropylene Plant “Poliom” celebrates its 10th anniversary

Omsk Polypropylene Plant “Poliom” celebrates its 10th anniversary

Head of corporate communications

Ekaterina Zadvornova

+7 (3812) 79-02-07

E-mail: press@poliom-omsk.ru

During its anniversary year, the plant will produce the 2 millionth ton of high-tech products that are in demand among the processors and meet all the requirements of world manufacturers of polymer products. The joint venture of SIBUR and Gazprom Neft is one of the three largest polypropylene producers in Russia.

Poliom began its operations with a full production turnaround in February 2013, when the shift B received the first batch of Omsk polypropylene made according to a full process cycle - from raw material preparation to packaging of the finished products into the containers. At present, Poliom produces 21 grades of a mainstream polymer, and its production capacity has reached 224,000 tons of products per year. The company has increased the propylene processing depth to a maximum of 99.5% that corresponds to the level of the most efficient global producers.

Poliom systematically improves the environmental friendliness of production process in cooperation with the Government of the Omsk region. As a member of the Clean Air federal project being a part of the Ecology national project, the plant has reduced its environmental impact by 17%. During 10 years, Poliom has invested about 500 million rubles in the environmental protection projects.

Aleksander Burkov, governor of the Omsk region

“The Omsk Polypropylene Plant is one of the most advanced enterprises in the region and, what is especially important for the regional residents, is a sustainably minded entity. Poliom was among the first businesses that have become our eco-partners within the framework of the Clean Air project. Last year it concluded an additional agreement with the regional Ministry of Natural Resources for the urban greenspace extension. I express my gratitude to the management and staff of the plant for their efficient work for the benefit of the Omsk region and for environmental care! I wish you stable development, implementation of your plans and new achievements!”

Pavel Evdokimov, director general of Poliom

Poliom is a state-of-the-art, high-tech production facility that is safe for humans and our environment. Due to the engineering solutions, the production capacity has increased by 20% since the launch that will allow us to produce the two millionth ton of polypropylene during the anniversary year. As a joint venture of two industrial petrochemical giants, such as SIBUR and Gazprom Neft, we have a unique opportunity to combine the best practices in the field of industrial safety, sustainable development, technology, digitalization, and production management at the Omsk site”.

Omsk polypropylene is in demand in a variety of industries: from the food and textile industries to the automotive industry and housing development sector. For a number of years, the Poliom plant has been one of the most efficient enterprises in the Omsk region, and the company's products have repeatedly received prizes of the respected all-Russian award “100 Top Goods of Russia”. The company's products are in global demand and are well-known in the entire world from China to Brazil, while most of the Omsk polypropylene is processed by the Russian manufacturers of polymer products.

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